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Ascent One's ecosystem works hard for these trusted education providers.

Admissions, Agent Management and Marketing solutions in one place.

No more manual loading, no more spreadsheets, just one centralised, easy-to-use management hub.
  • An ecosystem, not just a website

    All your needs, totally connected, in one place, making it easier every step of the way.

  • Simple, reliable, flexible

    Ascent One gives you greater control from marketing to application to assessment to offer.

  • Supercharge your efforts while reducing costs

    Ascent One puts the benefits of technology at your fingertips, helping you do more, faster, for less.


Proudly Australian.

Ascent One was founded in Australia to help education providers succeed on a global market - by making it easier to manage admissions, agent networks and marketing. We could not have done it without the continued support of institutions, like you, who seek a competitive advantage overseas.

It's a total management solution

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