Ascent One helps you do more

Ascent One is the world's first ecosystem designed for education industry. This fully automated ecosystem will change the way you work with education providers, manage agreements, keep marketing on brand and get paid faster.

Everything you need to manage all aspects of your business.

Manage everything in one system

Track agreements with education providers, manage your locations, your network, your counsellors, all from one central dashboard

Manage enquiries and admissions

Track all leads, all the way along the student acquisition funnel. The system automates the process keeping it accurate and helping you manage every aspect, faster.

Manage agreements

Track and manage all your agreements, with individual education providers, or with franchisees, easily, from one easy-to-use, centralised portal.

No more generic brochures

Create professional brochures focused on individual student interests.

Easy Agreement Manager keeps the management of agreements between you and education providers fast, effective, easy and free.

All your agreements, all in one place

Keep your agreements in one central, secure place.

Less paperwork

Easy Agreement Manager takes the burden out of paperwork.

Automatic reminders

Easy Agreement Manager sends you alerts when agreements are expiring.

Monitor agreements at a glance

Our dashboard is like a command centre to help you monitor agreement status.

Process your commissions faster, however your commission arrangements are structured, for faster payment.

Get paid faster

Easy Commissions makes sure your commissions are processed and paid faster.

Shaped to your needs

Easy Commissions supports any commission structure.

Automated invoicing

Generate invoices and send commission notifications automatically.

Accurate commissions processing

The system handles it all, simply, accurately at the push of a button.

Everything you need to increase engagement with students.

Improve engagement and conversion

Easy Direct Marketing gives you more options across more channels to deepen student engagement.

Create your own cross-media campaigns

Be where your students are, whatever media they use, you can create campaigns to suit.

Make it personal

You can create campaigns to match what you know your students want, using approved institutional assets.

You control it all

Create categories, choose channels, create individual workflows per campaign, run staged campaigns, it’s all at your fingertips

Making it easier for students once they land.

Money transfers

Safe and secure. Ascent One makes international money transfers easy.

No transaction charges

From deposits to tuition fees to cash gifts from friends, students. don't pay transaction fees with Ascent One

Student health insurance

Ascent One makes it easy to apply for and get mandatory Overseas Student Health Cover.

Mandatory health cover

To comply with your Visa, we make sure you're covered from the day you arrive to the day you leave.

Reimagine everything you do to manage the student acquisition pipeline

Ascent One connects everything you need to do. We've made it easy to put your hands on everything you need to create deeper student engagement and nurturing campaigns
  • Marketing Management

    Create, monitor and manage personalised marketing campaigns for students.

  • Easier management

    No more paperwork, no more slow payments, no more frustrations. Ascent One makes it all easy.

  • Easy, reliable, automated

    Ascent One's technology is a breakthrough for agents, students and education providers.

  • Value adds for your students make money for you

    Track the student journey and gain additional income by facilitating foreign exchange, health insurance and other value adds.

  • Set up Franchisees, easily

    Ascent One's simple onboarding and offboarding makes it easy for you to set up franchisees or referral partners and monitor their success.

  • Do more, for less

    Ascent One helps you turbocharge your efforts without turbocharging the cost.

Education providers who use Ascent One

Ascent One is trusted and used by these education providers and makes dealing with them easier and faster for you.

It's a total management solution

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