Ascent One has thrown out the manual

A fully automated ecosystem revolutionising the way education providers work with agents, manage admissions, keep marketing on brand and stay up to date.

Discover an ecosystem that redefines admissions management so it's easier for you, your students and your agents.

Online applications

Admissions Management makes it easier

Application assessment

Streamlined, automated assessments

Genuineness assessment

Only genuine students get through

Articulation Manager

Complete control of your course articulation arrangements

A step change in the way education providers manage their agent networks - at a lower cost.

Easy Agent

The world's most comprehensive agent data base.

Easy Agent Publisher

Keeps agent listings on your website accurate and reliable.

Easy Agreement Manager

Keeps track of all your agreements, automatically.

Easy Commissions

Makes paying commissions fast, accurate, effective and easy.

Opens up your student marketing funnel to give you a genuine competitive advantage

Asset Manager

The online portal for your agents.

Direct Marketing

Create highly personalised nurturing campaigns for students and agents.

Lead Manager

Easily track and manage every lead sent to every agent.

Personalised brochures

No more generic brochures - build brochures aligned to individual student needs.

Admissions, Agent Management and Marketing solutions in one place

No more manual loading, no more spreadsheets, just one centralised, easy-to-use management hub.
  • An ecosystem, not just a website

    All your needs, totally connected, in one place, making it easier every step of the way.

  • Simple, reliable, flexible

    Ascent One gives you greater control from marketing to application to assessment to offer.

  • Supercharge your efforts while reducing costs

    Ascent One's world first ecosystem for education providers puts the benefits of technology at your fingertips, helping you do more, faster, for less.

No one supports an Australian like an Australian.

Ascent One was born in Australia, to make it easier for education providers to manage admissions, marketing and agent networks. To further support the institutions who have supported us, and continue to support Australian businesses, we have created this world's first ecosystem for the education sector. Thank you. We could not have done it without you.

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