Agent Management

Maintaining reports or notes for education fairs, agent training or visits or for any other purpose? Physical files or shared drives containing reports are a thing of the past.

Easy Notes enables you to maintain notes in a single simplified platform, which can also be shared across departments and teams.


Type in your note or attach a file. Automatically record date, time and user details.


Link notes to an agent, event, training or any other category that you wish to create. Retrieve later based on category.

Access notes Faster.

Access any existing note quickly. No need to search through physical files, emails, or your shared drives.

24 x 7 Access

Create, update or view your notes 24 x 7 from anywhere.

Easily share your notes

Share your notes with your team or any other person you wish to.

Secure access

Access to notes is restricted to only those who you give permission. It’s safe and secure.