Agent Management

Need to send updates or communicate with the staff in your agent network? There is just no better way than to use Easy Communicator.

Choice of Medium

Communicate via email or SMS from a single platform.

Easy data upload

Just upload an Excel with contacts and Easy Communicator takes care of the rest.

No need to remember email address

Automatically use your agent’s contact details to communicate. No need to remember email address.

Targeted communication

Send communication to your agent network based on recipients’ roles e.g. counsellor, location head, etc.

Location Based Messaging

Now send communication to your agents based by city, state or country.

Personalised content

Never send a generic email again. Communicate 1:1 in a personalised manner and achieve better engagement.

Create Beautiful eMails

Send beautiful looking eMails using our online eMail building technology or just upload your HTML template.

Don’t land in junk or Spam eMail folder

Directly reach the agent’s inbox. We use a range of SPAM filter check-ups and also dedicated IP addresses.

Scheduled Sending

Send eMails on a particular date or time to align with the sender’s or the recipient’s time zone.

Measure campaign performance

Monitor effectiveness using real-time analytics. Easily track metrics like opens, clicks, deliveries and more to find how about your audience with varied geographical data and device types are responding.