Agent Management

Easy Commissions takes the hassles out of the commission processing workflow and save you a significant amount of time.

Now process and pay commissions faster to your agents than ever before.

Faster commission payments

Delight your agents by paying commission faster.

Payment Information

Create and update commission rules, tax rates and other settings for your agents.


Supports flat or percentage-based commission, tiered remuneration structures, course specific incentives and bonus commissions.

Data validation

Automatically get notified on data issues. No more roadblocks.

Automated invoicing

Generate recipient-created tax invoices and send commission notifications to your agents. Automatically.

Agent Friendly

Let agents upload invoices,claim missing commission or check commission status.

Faster reconciliation

Automatically send commission reconciliation requests to your agents.

Split commissions

Support commission split between agents.

Payment rules

Pay either upon receiving the tuition fee or whatever your business needs are.

Adjust Commission

Record underpayment or overpayment for future adjustment.

Export data

Download the processed commission for auditing purposes or for your records.

Never pay twice

Track commission payment for each student, eliminating double paymnts for the same student.

Reduce commission

Admission, acceptance or enrolment date based commission processing. Do not pay higher commission rates for students with higher fees.

Reporting and analytics

View a range of insights on our intuitive dashboard.