Admission Management

Let your agents and students submit admission applications, accept offers, request refunds, deferrals or even withdraw applications; all online at a click of a button.

A better way to manage your admission applications.


Cost is no more a barrier to use technology.


Import or export data into any other application.

Centralized Communication

Access all communication at one place for every application.

24x7 Access

Work from the office, home or even a café.


All documents and assessment criterion at one place.

Automated Workflows

Set up workflows once and let Ascent One do the rest.


View data on dashboards and Google Maps.

Data Security

Keep your data secure and comply with privacy laws.

Payment Gateway

Get money into your account easily or just record evidence of payment.

Audit Log

Maintain full audit logs including user details and time.

Easier User Management

Manage user access based on a task, course, school, agent or location.